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Twilight creeping across this field.
Whispers of shadows, yet revealed.
Fainter is truth than nigh the hour,
when sorrow shall poison this rootless flower.
Should the cold winds of winter lastly blow hither
then surely I'll wither.

Simple am I, but something is hidden,
darkly it wanders the depths of my mind
slowly slaying the hope, that in time
distance will keep us no longer entwined.

But truly, you linger too deeply in me,
deeper than I, in my blindness, can see.

The leaves are trembling with things unsaid,
strange how they echo inside my head,
and trees are swaying, as if they knew
all the things that I should too.

Not ever should we have come this far,
This twilit meadow where shadows are.

And so, as the darkness deepens within,
I betray the few things I perish in.

"Nothing, my love, can forever sustain,
but truly I loved you never in vain"

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