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The bobling sound from the akvaruim, the weak light from the laptop hitting her pale skin. Her sparkling green eyes reading as she writes.

She's thinking of a man, she is thinking of a pirate. The man in her dreams. The man who takes her on a journey where anything could happen. She wonders were he is gonna take her next. Will there be fighting? Will there be treasure? ...Will it be love?

She sighs, thinking she have to pull it together. Thats not her world and its never gonna be...

Her dark hair dances as she gets up. Her hands are cold as ice and she can bearly turn the laptop off.

Walking around, listning to the rain. She suddenly stands still, looking out the window. The coffeemug in her hand is emty, so she puts it down at the table. She wonders were her pirate is now. But as she's standing there thinking about it, she can feel he's arms smoothly touches her sides. She holdes her breath as they gently goes around her, holding her.

"were have you been", she asks, turnig her head alittle. "I've been here all the time, love" The pirate holds her tight, stroking her neck with he's lips. "you just havent let me in thats all" He turns her gently around and looks deep into her eyes. She looks back.

They're just standing there looking into each others souls. "when are you gonna take me to your ship?" her voice almost whispering. He smiles and strokes her cheek "soon, love... soon." He's voice is music to her ears. The pirate takes her icey hands, and then he kiss her. Long, deep, and there is not a single worry in the world.

But then, out of no were... The girls phone rings, and the world she nows as reality comes back, as a black cold shadow.

She opens her eyes, and the pirate is gone...

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