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Looking down at your head of tussled hair, Moving along my stiff pulsating length, Lips shaped in the form of a ridid O, Forcing back my already stretched foreskin. Teeth abrading my length with care, Muscles shivering gently in aftershock, Knees sagging as stomach bends low, Gripping your hair and body balancing.

Fingers ringing the base of my manhood, Steadily moving as you begin to frig me, Hand caressing my groin and squeezing balls, Cheeks puckered tightly as you suck. Hips moving against mouth in urgent thrusts, Prick caressed by its warm wet walls, Moans increasing crescendo in ecstasy, Hands guiding your mouth as I took.

Prick swelling with my juices' accumulation, Glands on fire and my balls are aching, Climaxing suddenly with spunk explosion, You suck and swallow and suck again.....

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