Diskusjon:Norge i rødt, hvitt og blått

Fra Norske Dikt
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Here is my humble editing of the poem:

Wherever you go in hillside and in mountains, a winter day, a summer eve, among fjords and abundant waterfalls.
From meadow and moor with pine trees, from ocean's brow with fishing villages and to the white rocks.
You meet the country in tri-colored suit, wrapped in a reflection of the splendor of the flag's colors.
Behold, a white stemmed birch up in the heath creates a framework for the strip of bluebells.
Against the red-painted living room by the road, it is the flag waving in the wind.
Yeah, as white as the white is the snow and the red the evening sun has got,
and blue gave its color to the glacier, it is Norway in red, white and blue!
A spring day in a moment of sunshine on a bench in the grove on campus he and she sit.
Two young newly full-grown seniors, two recently kindled flames in twenty degrees plus.
She is like an emerging early summer day that is colored by the reflection from the Norwegian flag.
Yeah, as white as white is her dress and as red as the red are her cheeks.
Her eyes are blue like the violet, she is the flag that waves in the wind.
He has bold and white-haired brow, and a hat in red, he has been given.
With a light blue confidence in the country, our youth stand in red, white and blue!
They fought both he and she! Now victory’s beacon illuminates over the country of Norway. Towards the sky flags upon flags rise like bonfires today, for all the battles victorious. It crackles as before over cottage and castle, a flaming mark in red and white and blue. As the sign of rainbow under the cloud, it will forever in the future stand. Behold, it sparkles anew over the city, in the red and white and blue. Let it resound from the street and the square, over the land that Norwegians have received: You are ours, you are ours, good old Norway! We will clothe you in red, white and blue

Russ kan ikke oversettes med Russians... Haper dette er en bedre oversettlese. Tusen takk!