Four seasons

Fra Norske Dikt
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Once again fall is here
A really buisy and cold time
Of the year
If your by your own
Try to make the best of this time
So you won`t feel alone
Trie too se all of the beatiful things
This season brings
The coulors outside the door
The fresh air
This season is far from poor
seak your family and friends so they can be near
And celebrate this time, and then suddenly
maybe your match will apear

And when christmas is here
it will be colder outside
Bu this season is really a good side of life
Celebration with family and friends
Oh we see how much joy this season brings

With Christmas, winter comes along
And we can make some angels in the snow
See children light up when the first snowflake hits the ground
This was special for me, I know

And now is the time for flowers to reappear
With that we know the season of the year
The springtime is the time to enjoy
No matter if your a girl or a boy

Soon the summer is here
The time for love to blossom all the way
The time to appreciate everyday
we can swim in the ocean
put on some sunlotion
feel the sun warm against the skin
and you feel the new energy within

When we need a reminder or a lift
We can think about
The seasons own special gift

--Sissi 30. okt 2007 kl. 20:03 (EST)