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Pretty please,
Can I rent a room for my broken heart?
Can I lock it up like an old game of Dart?
Can I burn or re-make it
In the thickest fiber?
Give it bulletproof shield
-We can’t do neither

But I can kiss the tears
Catch the falling feet
Warm your blood again
Wrap you into my sheet

We can wait for an eclipse
Hope for the day
When you no longer
Yearn for decay

But my eyelids have lost their tension
And my hunger is locked away
The last thing I need in my life today
Is for you to say that you want to stay

When limbs fall flat
And the strength to be
Is beyond my vision
Or my wish to see

Take the battle, girl
Put your fight face on
It is time to rise
To prepare for a brighter dawn
Let the muscle retrace
The strength it once had
And fire it up again
Fire it up again

av Evelin (ris og ros)

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