Fra Norske Dikt
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Awake, it seemed, though not to bright,
the moon and stars the light of night,
The moonlight fell forlorn and cold,
upon the ages of the old,

What time is it? What's next to come?
Where are the souls all coming from?
The end of time, what else is there?
Are you and I truly here?

Cloaked in questions, wisdom showed,
I felt the thoughts of others flow,
The night was mad with love and fear,
I bent my consciousness to hear,

How can this be, am I not me?
Are you and I infinity?

Moaning trees the wind made sound,
They told me what their roots had found,
A simple truth yet so profound,
My brain was choking, thought was drowned,
I knew that matter came from mind,
Inner space became aligned,
Third eye was no longer blind,
Reality was redefined